Goober pet stores are a business area that deals with the care of pets intended for cats and dogs. This pet shop is positioned at a strategic location on the edge of the large Jatiwaringin highway. With this pet store it is open from Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
This is of course very useful for animal caretakers, especially during intensive daily activities that ultimately reduce the effective time to care for their animals. In Goober Petshops it offers various types of facilities such as swimming, shelter, food and snacks, toiletries, used equipment such as pens and some accessories.


·        Clean and healthy pets.
·        Decorate and care for pets.
·        In accordance with our slogan “Customer satisfaction is our responsibility, customers are satisfied, we are also happy, your beloved animals are also our beloved animals.”
·        We always develop and trust in care, keep and animals entrusted to us.


1.      Build with competitive prices but still give priority to our quality and quality.
2.      Ensure a clean working environment to prevent diseases that harm pets.
3.      Helping the owner take care of and care for pets.


In this store, bath care will be provided, called Grooming. Care will be subdivided into 3 types, namely:
·        Scabies bath: clean scabies on animal skin.
·        Normal bath: beautify the hair and clean it against dust and dirt.
·        Thick bath: clean fleas in animal hair.
In addition to maintenance, we also offer storage services at very competitive prices, including the provision of food, sand requirements and aluminum cages.


The first marketing that will be used is the distribution and distribution of brochures using online media such as Instagram and the website. We also open promotions if more than 5x treatments are 1x free.


Goober Petshop supplies a number of products that cats and dogs need with different categories of needs such as food, medicines, accessories and pens.
The cage will be equipped with small to medium dimensions with a price range of Rp.250,000 – Rp. 450,00
For food products:
·                 Dry food
·                 Wet food
·                 Snacks
Taking care of the bath offered varies from Rp. 45,000 to Rp. 50,000 and animal care services Rp. 50,000 a day. The treatment given to cats is to cut their nails, treat their feathers with special shampoos and offer perfumes and powder especially for animals.
Estimated capital to open a petshop business, among others :
·        Rent shop inc energy bill        : Rp. 30.000.000 / year
·        3 Display window                  : Rp.   2.100.000
·        Table                                       : Rp.      400.000
·        Sofa                                         : Rp       250.000
·        Cashier machine                      : Rp.   4.000.000
·        12 Small plastic bag                : Rp.      120.000
·        12 Medium plastic bag           : Rp.      130.000
·        12 Large plastic bag                : Rp.      150.000
Overall capital issued = Rp. 37.150.000